• Chuckit! Max Glow Ball

    Chuck it Glow Ball at Must Not Buy It All

    Brilliant ball!!!!! Gives out a soft glow so can be seen even in the dark and shows up on the grass a lot better than a tennis ball does. Not only can dogs (and you!) find it after dark, but it whistles a feint but audible happy tune as it flies through the air so that they can follow the sound to find the ball even if they can’t quite see it. Worth the money – order in different sizes if you wish to. Happy chucking! More

  • LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

    Bath bombs at Must Not Buy it All

    Gorgeous, fizzy bath bombs to relax and unwind with in the bath. Therapeutic and moisturizing, these bath bombs are a perfect gift for anyone. Why not buy and split for party or wedding favors? More

  • Portable Ice Maker Machine

    Ice Maker Must Not Buy

    This little machine is super cool! It makes the ideal shape of ice for drinks and cocktails, producing so much that you can bag loads up to store in the freezer and never be without ice again. This machine couldn’t be better – even looks great on the counter top! More

  • OBD2 Car Code Scanner

    OBD2 Car diagnostic Scanner at Must Not Buy It All

    This little device really works! Download a free app (like OBD Car Doctor) before using it, then plug it into your car. Afterwards, start the engine and connect this scanner to the app via WiFi and detailed information about your car will show on your phone. If there are faults it shows the error codes. Every family should have one! More